We’re sitting in our church history class discussing Nestorius’s (poor guy… what were his parents thinking?) view of the divinity of Christ as a union of divinity and humanity (yes, this is what I do on a daily basis, sigh), and our discussion leader explained this idea in the analogy of a marriage, where two things come together and become one.

“But”, the girl sitting next to me begins, “this metaphor wouldn’t work, right? Because the union Nestorius is talking about is puts the divinity and humanity on equal levels… and that’s not what happens in a marriage.”

“Right, there is a level of subordination”, another girl chimes in.

“Right”, the discussion leader agrees. “Its not a perfect metaphor…”

The discussion about Nestorius than continues on as normal, while I sit in my chair trying not to either a) laugh out loud or b) fall out of my chair in shock and perhaps a little anger.