It’s been a long day, already. Old Testament was incredibly boring, and than there has been a lot of drama with my car and insurance (I got in a car accident a month ago, and it has taken them a month to fix my car). The insurance company and rental car agency had some miscommunication and I tried to fix things for two and a half hours with no avail. They are trying to tell me I owe 1,618.00….long story. All that said, to be repetitive for the sake of emphasis, it’s been a long day.

So, I’m now sitting in my living room, eating a big bow of chocolate almond indulgence ice cream and watching a “chick flick”. I try to relax when I get stressed, but inevitably my mind does not work that way. My mind can’t stop thinking, and my emotions are incredibly fragile… a nasty combination.

So, I’m watching this silly movie “License to Wed”. And before the movie even started, as I sat watching I became astutely aware of the relationships in the previews… the ‘fairy tale’ relationships. I remember my years in junior high and high school (and even college, if I am going to be honest) where I dreamed of that “fairy-tale” life—meeting a (nearly perfect) boy, him being madly in love with me and pursuing me, and us ending up happily ever after. Though we all realize that ‘the fairy-tale’ is not reality, I think we all hope for it to some degree.

But, the fairy tale that is always perpetuated by culture…by television and movies and music, by church and Christian media, doesn’t include me. I will never find a prince charming, because I don’t want a prince.

So, I’m sitting here in a bad mood, angry at a world that doesn’t acknowledge or prepare me for when my prince charming is really a Cinderella.

That’s all. I’m in a bitchy mood and just wanted to complain. :-/