(-): So, I went to the campus health center to get my yearly skin TB test (for eligibility in clinical rotations). Nothing too exciting. I haven’t had any contact with any TB patients – that I know of. Anyway, I was in the office and it occurred to me that I haven’t had an HIV test. Ever. And yet, I’m a huge proponent of HIV screening for gay men, and to a slightly lesser degree for anyone who’s ever had sex. So, I brought it up to the physician that I’d like to get an HIV test. He was taken aback, and then spent 20 minutes telling me his experience with HIV and its emergence during his lifetime (side-rant: he’s an AWFUL healthcare provider). After his tirade, he explained the confidentiality inherent in HIV testing and then had a nurse take a blood sample. This kind of surprised me because there are less invasive tests available that only require a swoop with a cotton swab across the inside of your cheek. In any case, I went back today for the results, and I’m negative. Yahoo! Praise God for small victories. I also got connected with a good nurse practitioner today. I’ll be going back to her for any further health concerns, thank you very much!

(+): A very good friend of mine called me this afternoon. Ironically, right after I walked out of the health center. My best friend (now living in Tennessee) is PREGNANT! She has been married since August. And she’s on birth control. And she’s pregnant. This is really blowing my mind! She called me and said, “You’re an uncle!” It took me a few moments to realize that she was telling me that she was pregnant – we’ve cosidered ourselves siblings for as long as I can remember. I was in her wedding in August (as a groomsman, not as a bridesmaid), and I really respect her husband. I can’t imagine better parents, but she’s 20 years old! She’s not finished with her degree yet! Oi, I’m so glad she has an amazing family that will be nothing but supportive. Praise God for big miracles!

Okay, I promised a musing, so here it is. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s been on my mind. Along with natural disasters and economic ruin, and whatever else gays and lesbians have been blamed for, the “gay disease” (HIV) is top among the plagues that the Lord has sent to admonish our heathen ways! But here’s my question: why just gays? Are lesbians less “perverse” in God’s eyes? Or is it just a fluke? Or does God have really bad plague-aim, and can only target one population at a time? Maybe I’m missing something and the answer is staring me in the face?

Love to everyone =)