Injustice is a crushing force. I have heard people with experience in such things say that poverty isn’t defined by a lack of money, but hopelessness. A loss of hope in the way things can become. A loss of hope in every tomorrow. A loss of hope in the goodness of fellow women and men. After hearing and reading the stories of those who have come out on the “other side” of poverty, I think I’d agree. But, I’m going to extend this feature of hopelessness to all that feel the pressures of injustice. To everyone who knows what it means to be marginalized.

I’m not even just referring to myself. Do I feel hopelessness on occasion? Of course. Oddly enough (or not), hopelessness is also the key assessment factor in diagnosing depression. Any depression screening will include questions revolving around this striking deficit. Is it any wonder that psychology has identified “protective factors” that help people avoid depression and keep them on the “right path.” Well, I say bullshit. Protective factors are largely a feature of wealth. And, I believe, circumstances void of injustice.

Droves of sisters and brothers are risking their lives in order to escape a specific cycle of poverty and danger. I’m talking about those who come to the States in order to rebuild their lives because their native countries don’t offer options for them to build any kind of life. I’m not trying to take this anywhere political, but to highlight one situation in which people are driven to desperate, illegal measures in order to escape injustice. So, what’s the response? On most other days days, when I feel more empowered, I would say, “social justice.”

But today I find myself in spiraling back down. Not to bemoan a Poor Me I’m A Gay Christian. I’ve got it relatively easy. Yes, injustice is injustice, but (right now) my situation isn’t life or death. Marriage might be a basic human right, but I don’t need such a union to wake up tomorrow. There are countless individuals and families around the world that are facing such graver injustice. Some examples.

  • AIDS orphans
  • Women in abusive relationships
  • War veterans suffering from sever mental illness unable to receive adequate care
  • Immigrants working 80+ hour weeks earning…peanuts
  • LGBT living in fear under murderous government structures

Let’s remember them.

Side-note: My motivation for this post might just be selfish. It feels like wheels are spinning. And I don’t have room in my life (time-wise or emotional-energy-wise) to deal with feeling helpless or hopeless. But, I don’t feel like progress is made. I don’t even know how to measure progress.