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Everyone’s recent writing activity has spurred me on (thanks B and D). Part of the reason I’ve been rather silent has to do with reflecting on the purpose of my blogging and the direction of my thoughts. While there is a lot of political/social stuff that ravages through my small brain, it took me a while to realize this isn’t the venue. I’ll stick to what I know – me. Ergo:

I was in a relationship for 4 months. It ended a few days ago and the free time that I’ve rediscovered is absolutely astounding! I didn’t realize how much (freely-given) time was given to that relationship! For the sake of the other I won’t go into details of how it was, what went wrong, etc. Suffice to say that A 2.0 (3.0? 4.0?) has arrived. And looking ahead it is going to be quite the ride. The semester is over in less than a month, and I just solidified my plans for the summer. My professional self is coming together, as is my adult self starting to get some feet. It looks as though I’ll have more blogging-time, too! Anyway, on to some notables.

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Last week, my girlfriend and I went to pub with my friend M (who is frequently referred to here as “the girl behind the counter”) to share a few beers and swap idea’s about M’s new internship working to bridge the gap between the LGBT community and Christians. Now, if you’d only met us recently, you would no doubt have found this an entirely unremarkable scene. You might even wonder why we seemed to find the whole thing so profound, and why, when we emphatically lifted our nearly empty beer mugs in a loud cheer to redemption, there were tears in my eyes.

But if you’d known us a few years back, I think you might have understood a little better.

It has been, in fact, almost exactly two years since M challenged me to define the word redemption. At the time, it was the biggest challenge either of us could imagine.

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