D has blogged extensively regarding progress, hopefulness, and Imago Dei. In general, I feel that she does a much better job of conveying this “optimism-even-when-things-suck” thing. B also has blogged about pride and being a lesbian. Once again, it’s hard for me to muster up the optimism sometimes. Last week it became much, much easier to be optimistic.

800-1000 people gathered in WeHo.  Where\'s Waldo?

Last Thursday, the California Supreme Court ruled that barring same-gender marriages was unconstitutional. This all stemmed from a court case in San Francisco years ago. If it weren’t for a group of same-gender couples willing to step up their game and file a lawsuit, who knows when this would have happened. Anyway, back to hope.

As D succinctly described it, West Hollywood was a-celebratin’ the new decision on Thursday night. We were there, a small group of us reveling in the collective energy of so many happy lesbians and gays. It was absolutely awe-inspiring to see such a diverse group come together. There were couples in their 60s, couples in there 20s, singles, children…who knows who else? And not a person was tense. Not a person was frowning or grimacing. There were tears -plenty – but tears of joy and celebration. I can proudly say that I was tearing up along with them at times. Enough of this sentiment.

The fight isn’t over. The reality – a constitutional amendment is coming up for vote in California in November 2008. And what do the polls say? Well, the last I heard it’s almost split down the middle. That means those of us who want to see justice prevail will need to get our butts in action! Enough talking and dissecting. We need to make people aware, put our money (however much that is) where our mouth is, and prepare to defend our newly-granted freedom to marry. Straight allies are crucial at this intersection of history. I have so many friends that have told me over the years that they want to do whatever they can to help me. We need to call on our allies and ask them to join us in our struggle in a very real way: Go VOTE! And TELL OTHERS! We call ourselves an LGBT “community.” But from what I’ve seen so far, there is a whole heck of a lot of individualistic ideology amongst the masses. This is our chance to band together and fight for something practical.

I want to illuminate a few other points regarding marriage and relationships. It’s easy to let gay marriage take the forefront of our justice-oriented minds and hearts. But, even LGBT couples who aren’t able to get married have it better than some who are. Economic injustice reaches deep. Let’s not forget that there are many who are married but can’t enjoy it due to socioeconomic oppression. We’ve got a lot to fight for, across a broad spectrum. Another thing: I want to say that there are not “good gays” and “bad gays”; the former being marriage-seeking committed couples, and the latter being single folk. Just as single straight people are not malformed or non functioning members of society. Personally, I want a family – 3 or 4 children, a partner (husband?!), a Golden Retriever, and a Great Dane. But that’s me. I know that some aren’t interested in this, and they are not a pariah as a result. Ok. /steps off soap box

So where are we now? Let’s celebrate. Let’s enjoy. But, let me tell you, we’ve got our work cut out for us.