“There are glimpses of it now;  small relief fit in when we allow ……even still, I think the best is yet to come…”- Johanna Chase, “Yet to Come,” Azusa

Such is the line from a song by a little indie artist by the name of Johanna Chase. Johanna’s music has impacted me in many ways lately, this song especially (scroll down to the bottom of this post if you want the full lyrics, its a beautiful song. Also, her song, “Get up Good” is, I think, a beautiful lyrical representation of Soren Kierkegaard’s, as de Silentio, idea of the virtue of the absurb being realized by infinite resignation in Fear & Trembling, but that’s a whole other story… you can, and should, check out her music at indiebug.com).

Anyways, that line of the song is what I have been thinking about lately, especially in light of today. Today was a good day, no, it was a great day. I’m too lazy and tired to explain that now, but, suffice it to say, it was the best day I’ve had since I’ve been back to Duke after the summer off.

Yet, as I got home tonight, happy and tired from a good day, I couldn’t help but be sad. As the reader, you may be confused. Wouldn’t happiness be a more appropriate emotion for such a good day? I would think so too, but my emotions told me otherwise, and after thinking about it for awhile, the line from Johanna’s song made me realize why.

Being a person who hasn’t had the best of….luck…., especially in the last year, a song about the best being yet to come brings with it a lot of encouragement and hope. And days like today, and other fleeting moments remind me of the reality of that hope, and keep it afloat. But, at the same time, knowing that days like today are…fleeting…is more than mildly depressing. Because that means that things are going to get shitty again before the ‘best’ comes, that the good is just that–fleeting. And that just sucks.

Yeah, the bad times of life make the good times really, really good–constant feelings of isolation makes the sense of solidarity that much more fantastic, a real treat. But, conversely, the occasional, fleeting good times make the hard times that much more frustrating and tiring. Or maybe I’m just too much of a pessimist and need to take the good for what it is.


Yet to Come- Johanna Chase, from Azusa

Car lights and city nights and I’m only trying to figure how a system might be build without stilts to fit us all under. Every system seems flawed, every politic jarred and stunted, but I still hope that something better is coming.

Maybe, its just my experience and maybe that’s all wrong. Maybe the poor choose to be poor and the homeless just want to roam, but even still I think the best is yet to come, the best is yet to come.

Home is comfortable and the food and the water are free, but even in my home town no one gets me. I feel like a prophet bringing some crazy news and the ears that hear it only hear the blues. Maybe, that’s just my experience, and maybe that’s all wrong. Maybe God is simple and life is simpler still, but even so, I think the best is yet to come, yea the best is yet to come.

Oh, and there are glimpses of it now; a small relief fit in when we allow the work of another something bright–it will soon take everything, gather up everything and make it right. I think the best is yet to come, yea the best is yet to come.