This site was birthed out of a conversation D & I (B) had. D, who is a student at a Christian graduate program, was experiencing a lot of things that I thought she should be sharing (she is a really good writer). She couldn’t just blog about them, given a less-than open environment at her school, so she set up an anonymous blog to write down her experiences. This got me to blogging more as her experiences and our conversations inspired me. We both were blogging about our experiences and our subsequent conversations, so we decided to put our blogs together and give them their own page. Thus, the birth of

In the site’s infancy, we were joined by the wonderful A, an undergrad at a Christian university who adds a little much welcomed testosterone to our oh-so-prolific estrogen. And now, as A, B, and D, we are taking applications for a C 😉 Until then, welcome, and we hope you enjoy what you see.